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I think it would be just another month and Spring will be here. Frankly, speaking I can't wait to see green grasses and trees, sprouting flowers and even to see bees and butterflies flying around the yard. But to think that I live here in MI, Winter is almost as long as six months. Sometimes Spring is still cold that I don't like cleaning my garden ^_^.
Last Saturday night my SIL's son and daughter in law left for Arizona. My SIL has a trailer home there, that they renovated and make it bigger  but nobody lives it there for now because they are here in MI and  she and her husband were stucked here for health reason. Anyhow, my SIL's son is looking for a great place in AZ, he said that it is about time that if Winter time comes we all gonna go south particularly Arizona.  Today they arrived safely and right away they are looking for areas that are nice and of course that has a great neighborhood. They found  Grayhawk Real Estate as a huge business there, they will help you find property the suits to your liking and of course price range. In other words they just have a good service. My DH told Jeff to try get their service because if we are not familiar in an area we do really need a help to find great place. Good thing he said yes and now they are going to visit some areas and houses this day and for the next day ahead. Hope they could find nice house, couldn't wait to get out from this dreary weather. ^_^

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