Piano lessons..

When I was a kid my mother used to tell me a story that when she was young her Aunt has a piano and she saw her cousins play piano. My mom just watched it with gusto and wishing that she could learned how to play piano too. Well maybe because she has the interest to play piano she develop her sense of hearing and basically she knew how to play the piano by just listening the notes. Anyhow that also happened to my brother he could listen a sound and then he could play it in piano. But because my mothers parents don't have a piano and so do we both my mother and brother don't have the chance to make their dreams come true.
Now my nieces and nephew do like to play piano and I told  them that they are going to enroll in a piano lessons.
I was on the phone talking to them that they will be enrolled soon gush I heard them shouting with glee. I feel good for them because this time if they really have the talent they can now pursue their dreams and who knows they will be good at it.


wenn said…
i love listening to music too.
Ann said…
only one of my kids play the piano. The other two just weren't interested.

The one who plays, she plays beautifully.

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