Take control..

Have you wonder who controls our body? I think it was not the feet or the eyes right? I guess you are right with your guess yes it is the brain. It is very important that we have to use our brain hehe or else we ended up somewhere else where there is no way to return. ^_^ In any machines, airplane, cars or even space shuttles there are many controls that makes a certain movement to do so. Like today we came from Kentucky and hubby use the acceleration switches to make the car move fast or slow down in case the road sign says so. It does happened to aircraft too they have crush switches so to speak and disturbance switches so not to make any moving machine or airplanes or aircraft be damage that easy. For me I just wonder how they do make all of these things it is just awesome to think that it came out from the vision of a person and materialize in the hands of a man.


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