What is your talent

Yeah, do you have a talent that through all this years you yourself is hiding? Every time I watch people dance, sing, play piano, or even making good in their chosen sports, I always say it is written in their bones that they are are good at it. That means they have talent and it was born with them. I so love to sing and when I was young my father has this ukelele and every night he likes to strummed with it and we accompany with him. When my brother was a teenager my father bought him a guitar and that is when he knew how to play guitar. But what my mother and brother loves to do is to play a piano. But they don't have a formal training on playing a piano so they only rely on what they hear and they tried to play it along. But it is kind of hard my cousin who graduated in a degree of music teach us how to play accompaniment piano by that my cousin said it would be easy. So then my brother encourage my nieces and nephew to learn how to play piano because he thinks that they can adopt more easily to this kind of method and he was right.


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