Correcting vision

When I was growing up I saw my mother and aunts having an eyeglasses. They practically at least own one or two eyeglasses. Back then I told myself when I age I would never wear an eyeglasses. But the opposite thing happened. When I was in college I asked my mother to get me a pair of eyeglasses. The doctor gave it to me as an eye correction. But I don't like wearing it, I find it very annoying sometimes so I stopped wearing it. When I was in my late 20's and I already kind of abuse my eyes, I discovered that I can't see a far and I have a hard time reading a fine print. I said to myself it couldn't be I promised myself never to wear an eyeglasses. At that time I really didn't mind at all. But when I came here in US it was a different story. Sometimes I had to drive at night and that is too dangerous if I don't have an eyeglasses with me. Luckily, I found a very affordable eyeglasses aside from that it looks very cool.
I was thinking why buy a very expensive one when there are eyeglasses that are affordable. If only people knew about it they will never buy an expensive one, as long as it serve its purpose, right?  


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