Dual Flush

Now what do you think I am talking here. Well I think you guess it right I am talking about the dual flush toilet that hubby just recently installed.  I first knew dual flush toilets when I went to a friends house. I noticed that they have a different type or kind of toilet. As soon as I get out from the restroom I asked the my friends husband what kind of toilet bowl they've got. So he told me about HET toilets and Low Flow toilets. I asked him if it is available in the stores and he said YES.
So when I get home. I told hubby about what I have just discovered lol! I was so persistent to change ours because it when you release the lever and if you don't put it back it release a lot of water as in continuously. So when I knew the problem I don't like it I am the kind of person who wants to save water in what ever it cost. DH knew the problem but because he is so busy sometimes he forgot that problem. So after I had the information about dual flush toilet I didn't stopped bugging my DH lol. He and his son did the installing I was watching the whole time while they are working on it. Now I am so sure that we can save money at the same time  save water a lot. With  Dual flush conversion kit and Dual flush retrofit kit  I would never be wrong.


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