Windows & Doors 2

I took this photos inside the campus of University of Kentucky, and these buildings are just among the many. Take a look aren't they old and pretty?
                                         More of Windows and Doors 2 HERE


Carolyn Ford said…
Universities never disappoint with their collection of windows and doors. I like the last photo with the stairs leading up to the door in a curved pattern.
Mommy Liz said…
Very neat and pretty. kapag sa PInas yan, naku baka binasag na ng mga ibang estudyante.
ewok1993 said…
I love to go and visit campuses. Their buildings are amazing and there is that youth vibe all around. Makes you feel young too :D
VioletSky said…
Really like the third picture with the balconies and skylight. The windows all look so tall.
shopannies said…
I so adore those old buildings they hold such charm

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