Windows and doors 2

Every hour on top of the tower there is a play going on, the bells will ring and those tiny dolls starts to play. It is really awesome to watch.
                                                Bavarian Inn at Frankenmuth, Michigan.
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Shelle said…
oh this is funny i lived in Munich for 3 years and there is an inn just like this....i'm wondering if this is a copy! i thought that was where the photo was taken!
EG Wow said…
I bet i's tons of fun to watch!
Anonymous said…
wow, i would love to watch the free show. is there a big german community in michigan?
marina said…
I love that clock! I wish I could see it in action!
Carolyn Ford said…
German inns are so wonderful and full of ambiance! What a great place this must have been to visit.
Gattina said…
I am German, but these Bavarians are everywhere with their fancy costumes. Finally people think that we are all running around like that, lol !

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