Update on my bathroom

It's Monday and we have beautiful weather today. The weather forecaster says that tomorrow's temperature will gonna reach to 86-89F that is hot!! Anyways, I like it though after the long period of Winter. Yesterday, I was nagging to hubby about our bathroom. He finished doing the tile work last year and I did the painting and it turns our really gorgeous. But what is lacking are the Bathroom Cabinets that I so like to put inside as the finishing touches to my  gorgeous bathroom. But then I am juggling from what to buy. Do I have to get the Contemporary Bathroom Vanities or the Linen Cabinet style because both them are gorgeous and they are just my type or kind of style. But I told hubby to finish it first, and I would decide what to buy  because for now, I am again thinking of changing the paint lol! That is why we need to finish the bathroom so I would have my Bathroom Cabinets install right away. And that would make me happy!! ^_^


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