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Hubby and I were in this re-enactment camp a month ago. The tour guide showed us these part of the camp and the people who are there  dressed up like a hundred years ago costume. They cooked in an open fire and some of their tools are in that era too.  Somewhere in those time this is a home for some.

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gigi said…
Glad we have a little more than just a tent to live in :)
Nukke said…
Every day people still live in tents in refugee camps so we who are able to live in houses should be remembering that. Very interesting that what you have photographed !!!!
Gattina said…
When the weather is nice and warm and it doesn't rain, living in a tent is fun otherwise it's terrible !
Jama said…
Over here, usually camps are set up by the beach by the picnickers, tents are colorful and permit are needed to set up camps.
magiceye said…
neat take on the theme!

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