Photo Hunt~Sports


                                                                Scuba Diving
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Scuba diving would be fun to do!
Indrani said…
Cool shots for the theme.
Gattina said…
At least you have two pictures, lol ! I had none with humans !
Thank you so much for your birthday wishes ! I celebrated with my best friends, was very nice !
magiceye said…
cool takes on the theme!
Jama said…
Scuba looks like fun but I think I'll freak out when my feet can't touch the seabed! lol
Anonymous said…
Dear photo-blogfriend. Thanks for your comments on my playhouse about SkyWatch - I can't find yours in any of your blogs... but I see much other great photos and text :-D
gigi said…
Great color and such cuties :)
Alida Thorpe said…
I like the shot of your son running. Good sport photo for Thursday's Challenge.

Scuba is fun. I scuba and you have to be calm!

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