Shadow Shot Sunday

A throne is only a bench covered with velvet. Napoleon Bonaparte 

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Dani said…
great shadow shot.

Have a great SUnday
Ralph said…
A beautiful 'throne' with a pair of birdhouses up top. I agree, who needs a velvet cushion to sit on this beauty?
Anonymous said…
A lovely shadow shot!
Sylvia K said…
A great throne indeed! What a fun shot for the day! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Knicky Knacks said…
Great shot and what a unique throne. Just lovely.
Arija said…
A great throne indeed with families of birds on both shoulders. Great idea and a very nice shot indeed.
Great shadow shot..A grand throne indeed
BLOGitse said…
What a throne! Perfect!
Happy SSS from Casa,

Spadoman said…
Cool bench. I can imagine those bird houses in use and sitting there "feeling" the birds as they use these houses.
Is this at your place? Or did you come across it somewhere?

Sweet Repose said…
Love it, love it, what a fun 'throne' to have in one's own yard!!!
sarayutouched said…
great shadow shot...i am a sucker for the wood textures...
wooden bench—
room enough for two—
sit with me

Shadowy Grapevine
Carletta said…
Just give me a pillow and a good book! :)
Nice shot!
Paula Scott said…
Love the perfect quote to go with such a wonderful (and royal) image!

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