Sepia Scene-Wall decor

                                                         This is a wall decor made of brass
                                                                    A closer look
                                                         Linking to SEPIA SCENE


jeff campbell said…
I love this sculpture and your photograph of it is quite good...Peace and blessings
EG Wow said…
Lovely in sepia. I think sepia brings a lovely shine on metal.
Ralph said…
These are sepia leaves that I like - on the wall so they don't have to be raked up and bagged in the fall. It is a lovely decoration!
Lui said…
I love the metal shine, the subtle lines, and great design! Perfect sepia image, Manang!
Sandro Duarte said…
Grace and peace, always!
I want to congratulate your blog.
Begin to follow from now.
I invite you to visit my blog: comment, critique, enjoy ...
I remember on my blog have a translator for English. (If you do not happen to speak Portuguese).

In Jesus, who is the true path.

Sandro Duarte
Very cool brass decor - Perfect for sepia tones! Thanks for stopping by our site - happy to have found yours that way :)
Ann said…
this metal art. Very beautiful.

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