I missed my niece.

I've not been talking with my niece lately because she done bad things to us. For the past days I've waited for her answer to my questions but she only texted me that she is sorry and that's it. I want to know a lot but she is not open to it. Her Uncle which is my brother told me that she is back home and I am glad for that. But I also decided that she is going to stopped going to school this year and maybe next year. Not unless she will re-connect with me and I will learn why she did what she did then I might change my mind. Her father my brother in law told my brother that he wants her to stay at his place, since her paternal grandmother and her Aunt and Uncles are there too. I didn't hesitate to say yes because I think it is about time for them to get to know her and let them bond too. But I do missed her, bad.


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