My Rednesday this week is this bowl from GW can't resist I bought it!

It's the time of year where fruits and vegetables are abundant. And when it's locally grown that is the best. Fresh picked Peaches!
                    I call this one Autumn tree!! Look how beautiful the leaves turned into beautiful colors!
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What wonderful reds today!!

LV said…
Nothing better than fresh fruit and vegetables. Your red bowl would look nice filled with the fruit.
~~Carol~~ said…
That bowl is just gorgeous, and I can just picture it full of fruit! The tree is beautiful too. I can't wait until the leaves start changing here!
Happy REDnesday!
reprise said…
what a pretty bowl and those peaches look yummy! beautiful reds on the tree too!
Ann said…
What a pretty Christmas bowl...not sure that I could have resisted either!! Also, peaches are my favorite fruit. I enjoy making peach cobbler most days.
The Tattered Tassel
imriz said…
super super love the bowl:)
Ann said…
You look very beautiful in your new photo.

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