This week subject is CHAIRS!
A giant chair with two bird house.

An old wood wheel chair

My first time to see this. A weighing chair!

A very tiny chair.
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Inger-M said…
What a variety of chairs, great pictures!
A Scattering said…
Where ever did you find these!? Cool.
Pauline said…
I usually need a chair after I've been weighed! Love the idea of being seated in the first place. A fabulous collection of very unusual chairs! Well done!
slim pickins said…
that wooden wheelchair is so neat - these are such interesting specimens of chairs...
Very interesting array of chairs. Good job.
Jama said…
Love your collection of unusual chairs!
~JarieLyn~ said…
That weighing chair is quite unusual and very interesting. I wouldn't mind having a seat in that. You did a great job finding unique chairs for this post.
Ann said…
That must be a gentle giant, even the birds are not afraid of him. Must be Sheks chair.
So far, you have show the most unusual chairs....especially like the photo of the wooden wheel chair. Well done ShootOut!
Gattina said…
Oh my this wheelchair doesn't look very comfortable !
Rebecca said…
You have found a most interesting collection of chairs.
What unusual chairs. That is so cool that you found all these great chairs.
What an interesting assortment of chairs! Hmmm, I guess I better not sit in the weighing chair, haha!

Nitty Gritty Chairs
Doreen said…
nice series of chairs. the old wheel chair is interesting. how things have changed!
Sandra said…
Hi Kim! I enjoyed visiting all of your blogs! I went ahead and post to this blog because of the different chairs you shared with us. Some of them are so uncommon. Like i've never seen a weighing chair. lol Thank you for sharing them with us. I hope you have a great day and come back to visit anytime.
Greenearth said…
What a special collection of chairs.
Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog.
~ Julie

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