The cat

That's my nephew Gino and my niece MG. This morning I called my brother thinking that he is not on duty (he is a cop) but turns out that he is on duty. So I just talked to him for a short time.
He told me that Sunday morning Philippine time...he received a text message from his wife telling him that my nephew Gino steal a cat from a man. My brother was angry he hurried home. The man who went to our house telling my SIL that Gino took his cat, told my brother what happened too. So Gino was called and was investigated by my brother immediately. What was the real story is that my nephew's friends asked my nephew Gino to get the man's cat. So my brother asked my nephew where is the cat now and Gino told him it in the house of their other friend. So they went to our neighbors house and get the cat and gave it to the man.
Lesson learned: My brother told my nephew not to listened to his friends because they are not real friends they are BAD.  And he should think before doing it, and he knew better than that. So because he made a bad decision my brother told him to kneel in front of the altar wahhhhh! That was his punishment.
It was kind of funny but he has to be told and be aware that their are some what we call "friends" who can make you bad  or good. Tomorrow I am going to call them and talk to him so I could tell him not to befriend this neighbor kids again.


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