Love this watch

 Are you kidding me? This is the kind of watch that I like to show off to my friends haha! I tell you, this dolce and gabbana watch  is the coolest ever that I have seen. I love the black and the crystal look and the design is just gorgeous. I chat my niece this morning but it was night time in the Philippines. She is also fond of watches and she had more watch than I am. I used to buy her watch that are a bit expensive and the quality is good. When she sees this dolce and gabbana watch she almost flip she love it to the max!
So she asked me if she could have this watch as a Christmas gift and without hesitation I told her why not. I could tell she has an ear to ear smile. I love to spoil my niece and what I like is to have good things for her. And this one she can get this Christmas!! 


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