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I called my brother the other day (night in the Philippines) and I talked to my nephew and niece. My niece who is 8 years old reported me that his Kuya was being hit by somebody his classmate. And she said that his Kuya cried and I asked her if they told the teacher about it. And she said they did. 
I hate kids who bullied and hit somebody. I remember our parents told us not to start a fight but if somebody would start a fight and you are going to be bullied fight back!! That's why growing up nobody liked to bullied me because they knew I will fight back. But with my nephew he is soft spoken and he is a really good boy and oftentimes that is the most likely to be bullied. Last year he was enrolled in another school and he was transfered to another school immediately because he was harassed by one parent and bullied by the son of that parent. When I learned about I was fuming mad!! So I send my sister in law to go to the school and talked to the principal and from what she told me it seems that the principal didn't care at all. That's when we decided to transferred him. I am going to call again because until now the issue of somebody hit my nephew is still lurking in my mind. Have to find it if something was being done from it.


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