Weekend Reflection

It's kind of hard to find a good reflection this week since we had gloomy day all the time. In fact, the weather man "predict" that we are going to have flurries!! Hmmm not yet please!  Anyway, last Trick or treat I was browsing around and see who am I going to take a picture ( I am very careful in taking picture of people specially with kids whom I don't know) but found myself taking the reflection of my own car.

Taken Summer 2010 Frankenmuth, Michigan
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EG Wow said…
When I saw the second photo I had the instantaneous impression that I have seen that shot before. :) Neat reflections!
Sylvia K said…
What terrific reflections, Kim! I particularly like the second one, looks like a great place! Enjoy your weekend!

Carolyn Ford said…
I love the second photo especially...what a beautiful entrance to this building...the flowers are soon to be frozen, I think... =(
Reader Wil said…
These reflections are very great and original! Kim you are a good photographer!
Happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
Love all those flowers, so very pretty!!!
☺lani☺ said…
I like the 2nd photo, lovely flowers! Happy Weekend!
michael bird said…
Neat second photo - bears looking at more closely: What are those people inside doing? And the temperature - 90 degrees - must be mid afternoon? Bravo, Kim.
i love the pictures. all those flowers really made the photos colorful
It is nice to see a photo where the reflection is featured so prominently!
Thanks for looking - nice to see a reflection of a car instead of a reflection in a car! Both of your
reflections are stunning!
Dimple said…
I like these. Michael Bird's comment made me enlarge the second one to see what the people were doing...ah! the sign says restaurant!
Great reflections!

Thanks for visiting,
Francisca said…
Flowers always cheer me up. Even just your mention of flurries chill me! I don't know how Pinays can leave the warmth of the tropics here... :-D
Eden said…
Great reflection shots, Kim. Love all those beautiful flowers too.
Dani said…
nice. The second one is just so lovely. Very very pretty!
Cezar and Léia said…
Beautiful reflections and so charming window with those delicate flowers!
xinex said…
Beautiful photography! Love the reflections and the flowers in front of that building is gorgeous, Kim! Perfect subject!...Christine
Greenearth said…
Great photos, and love your reflections.

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