Burberry rain boots

Wow Christmas is over and everybody had opened their gifts. Some love their gifts and some don't. That's why we have to keep or save the receipt so who ever don't like their gifts could return it or change it. I got my gifts from hubby and I love them all. 
This coming December 30 will be our 6th wedding anniversary and what I do love to get is a burberry rain boots. Yup that is what I do love to have for now. Here in Michigan either you get a lot of snow or a lot of rain. When I saw for the very first time a friend of mine wore her  Burberry check rainboots I fell in love immediately. I didn't hesitate to asked her where she bought it so she told me she bought it online. This morning hubby asked me what gift I want for our wedding anniversary and I told her a rain boots but it should be Burberry ankle rain shoes or Burberry rainboots. And he said that's it? I said yes that's it. ^_^
Well he knew that I like to have a lot of gifts for  I love opening gifts. But when he knew that I only want one or two he was surprised hehe. I can't help it Burberry are really good and I don't have nothing in my mind that I could think of for now. Because what is lurking in my mind for days now is Burberry and I should have one of those. ^_^



Burberry rain boots are looking so cute and classic. The boots will keep your toes warm and dry. Thank you...

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