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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was in the Philippines I have known people who are disabled. What is wrong is that they don’t have any access to go around or move around inside and outside of the house. So they are in bound in the house 24/7! So what you expect to these people to react about life when they only see the four corners of the house and nothing else. This makes me feel sad because even if they are disabled they are still talented and they are good in some of the skills.

When I arrived  here in the US six year ago I found out that some people are still not able to go around as they used to do.  And why is that because they don't have the utility to do it. My DH has a daughter who is suffering sclerosis. She was bound in her house since she had the accident. It was the result of the accident why she had it. They took her for so many therapies and such but to no avail. She was a woman with a lot of potentials but because of what happened she is bound in the house 24/7. And how could you think and enjoy life if we are in the house most of the time? 

     That is when my step-daughter knew about  NMEDA  somebody who  told him about the website  and when she looked at it she doesn't have doubts but to look more deeper and knew that their is help out there. She found out that  it's a non profit trade association. What is there intention is to provide education  to people who need help most specially in choosing an equipment for the immobile person. I in fact learned that they are all over the country because I also looked at there websit. You'll go to their website and write your zip code and an information will come out, a  NMEDA  qualified dealer. Don't be fool with all those advertisement that we see around. To find the right equipment for our beloved ones and to get the right people to assist us is worth the search. My step-daughter is special to us  that is why she need to go out and enjoy life, immobility will be just in the past.

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