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Hello everyone!! What's going on at your place right now? On my side, we are bitterly cold but thankfully we are not snowing wohooo!! That is a bit of change here in Michigan because usually we had tons of snow even before Thanksgiving. 

I was at my friends house the other day and stayed there for a while and we are talking about a lot of topics that we could think of. One of them is about hygiene. As a woman and having a family we all want to have a good hygiene and that means we should smell good to people. And that most specially is our breath. I remember when I was in high school it was the time when everything is chaotic lol!! I become conscious of my body and most specially the body odor. That time we don't have the choice of what to buy for a toothpaste or mouthwash. Well my mom of course buy the usual commercialize brand but she didn't know that there are toothpaste that are better than them. 

Now as I told my friend that life quite different I am a wife and I am the one running the household.  I have a very sensitive gums and I have to find a toothpaste that won't irritate my gums. And that is when I discover Tom's Of Maine !! And oh boy this toothpaste quality wise is outstanding. Right now I am using Wicked Fresh!™ Long-lasting Fresh Breath Toothpaste that  gives you cavity protection and uses powerful natural flavor oils and a patent-pending botanical extract to provide long-lasting fresh breath. And the

Tom's of Maine's great tasting Wicked Fresh!™ Mouthwash that helps stop bad breath without the burn. And their  refreshing mint flavors leave your whole mouth feeling clean. What is more gooder is that this product has no artificial flavors, colors, fragrance or preservatives. And like me who has a very sensitive gums this is my product.

Then my friend told me that it's the product that her family is using too because her husband can't take products that has a lot of artificial flavors. And she told me that as of now they have a contest that is going on called That's Wicked Fresh contest page . We looked at it immediately and find it very cool. So to all my friends who haven't tried Tom's Of Maine try it and join the contest who knows this time it's your turn to win!! And don't forget to follow them on Facebook  and Tweeter. click here

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