Balikbayan box

Last November 6, 2010 I send one balikbayan box. I was told that it will not reached the destination by December 25 or New Year because that time was a peak season. And I so understand that. The company that I send to which name is Aerosend gave me a tracking number and I did tracked it down from time to time. The day I tracked it down again and it says there January 20 it reached the port of destination, hmmmm I don't have any idea what port it is talking about. If it is CDO port or Ozamis port. Anyhow, I called my brother to look if the box will arrive this week and my kids were so happy hearing that a box  that they are expecting for ages will be there soon, LOL!! Will I hope that they gonna deliver it immediately and how come it takes them forever to deliver it if it's already in the Port. I hope nobody is stealing or doing something with the box, my brother is a cop they will be busted if they do that ^_^


Ann said…
In Malay, Balik means going home. So your box is going home?

My Brazilian friend tells me in Brazil, they eat avocado like you.

Yet, in Borneo, we didn't have the tree.
emmanuelmateo said…
Manang Kim: did they already accepted the box? we had also accepted one last Jan 15. he sent it last december 2010.dko na alam ang date.
Anonymous said…
hello nakuha niyo naba yung box niyo? kasi yung skin until now hindi prin dumarating?

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