I want Tabasco!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last New Year's Eve I had a good laugh ever! As I was preparing for the food that I and hubby are going to ate at the strike of 12 midnight, I noticed hubby was looking for something on the cupboard. I knew when he is into something because he looked everywhere and couldn't find what he is looking at lol! Since I am the queen of the kitchen, the master budget diva when we are in the grocery store, the arranger of all the things in the kitchen I knew where and what cupboard I put a certain dish or canned goods or any stuff. So when he got frustrated he couldn't find what he is looking for he asked me " do we have a chili sauce"? I told him yup it's in the second cupboard  where all the condiments are put up. But I think he couldn't find what he looked for he told me I couldn't find it. So I walked towards him and just a click on a finger I picked up the chili sauce and handed it to him. He read the label and flatly told me I don't want this, this is not TABASCO® Original Red ! I told him it's the same thing it's chili sauce!! He said nope I want  TABASCO® Original Red  it's the best! So he ended up driving to our nearest grocery store and bought it. I just laughed and laughed he sounds like a kid lol!

Anyway, the next day New Years day we were invited to a party. Hubby and I went there and I am amazed how good her party turn out. The food is good and I asked her where she got her party menu and she told me she got it from this site Game-Day Party Menu . I looked at it immediately when we get home and I am so impressed. Then since I love pizza I also looked at the site where it says Pizza Perfected  and tell you what it got me a good idea right there!         

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