Happy Birthday to MG

This is MG and her birthday was yesterday she just turned 9 years old. I called and talked to her and she was thankful that I bought a lechon for her birthday! My brother told me that they were not able to celebrate her birthday at the swimming pool because it rained so much, so they opted to stay home and do her party there which for me is good.
She is pretty smart kid. She has dreams of becoming a doctor someday ^_^ When I and my brother and his wife talked about it we just laughed because a medicine course take a lot of money, lol!! But at the same time we are happy that in her young age she has a dream already. 
For now I am happy  that she turns 9 years old and she is getting to be a little lady soon. And that made me happy. I always pray for all of my nieces and nephew a good health and that they are always safe from any kind of danger. I always love them and that is forever!! Again a HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY!


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