Ticket America is the way to go

Well last weekend we all glued ourselves in front of our tv's. The game between Steelers and Packer was really fun I couldn't help but cheered to Packer,lol!! And they won! Hubby and I had a good time because I can't keep myself from cheering while he is keeping quite, stressed out what will be his team gonna come up with the Packers going like crazy in the game.

Then I told hubby that this year it would be nice if we could in person all the games of basketball specially the five favorite team that I love so much. Sorry guys but can't take this five from me I don't have number one because they are all my top five and they are....Orlando Magic, Detroit Piston, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Maverick and San Antonio Spurs. Yup my top five team and for me they are the best they may play against each other but I don't care still they are my favorites. Last few years ago my BIL who lives in San Antonio, Texas used to send us tickets and he always bought it in Ticket America website. And for everybody who are lovers of sports or like to watch concerts don't ever buy your ticket anywhere. With the kind of economy we have so many fly by night scammers are lurking around the internet. Sometimes because of our excitement because we found a cheap or discounted ticket we jump right away with out checking or knowing if this seller is ligitimate, then we just knew that the ticket we bought is fake!
That's why we always told our friends and relatives to be careful and even if we pay extra amount of the ticket as long as legit then it doesn't matter. Because if we see our favorite teams it feels like really good!! Well hubby has to bring and ear plug because I can't help but really cheer...ahhh not just cheer but shout my lungs out, hehehe when I see my favorite five teams. So to all my friends who is planning to buy tickets online go to Ticket America and just select the team that you want to watch. Happy cheering!


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