I think my nephew is being bullied

I talked to my brother the other day and along our conversation he told me that my SIL was a bit mad to my nephew because she found out that my nephews arm is black and blue. In other words somebody hit him and he didn't say anything. She interrogated him right away but my nephew won't say anything and would just say it didn't bother him and it's okey. It made me feel bad too. I knew that we taught to our nephew and nieces to keep away or walk away from bullies but if it is already physical it's something else. I knew my nephew won't say anything unless it's his Uncle is going to interrogate him, he will be scared to say not the truth for my brother is a cop. But I will call tonight and talk to my nephew over the phone. Though school is over this week but I have to talked to him so he will tell me what happened. 
Bullying is everywhere in any ages in any status in life. I was once bullied in 1st year high school and 4th year high school but they picked me wrongly because I don't walked away I fight back, and hard!! I was a freshman in this private school. I came from a public school and I guess that is the reason he picked me. It was a good day few months after the opening of classes. I was about to set down when this classmate of mine pull back my chair and I ended up slumped on the floor. Oh boy, the hell broke loss, of course I hear laughing, I didn't say anything I get up, took my umbrella and WHAMMMMMMMMMMMM, PACK, BUMMMM BUMMMMM, I hit him right at his head. I looked at him straight to his eye, I didn't say anything, he was shocked all my classmates (for sure they are the one laughing too) was also shocked. Nobody say anything it was pure silence and the teacher came then we start the lesson.
Then when I was in 4th year I was bullied again. This time I didn't slumped on the floor. And frankly I can't even remember now how I was bullied, but I can still remember, I get up from my chair and stuck my ballpen to my classmate arm. Of course, he was stunned his eyes grew big everybody was surprised nobody laughed, then I went back to my chair and set down. I keep it to myself I didn't say anything to my parents about it, in other words I handle it to myself. I don't advice not to say something, this kind to your parents, because the bullying now is way too different from my time. Specially here in the US when the one who is the bully are sometimes has the nerve to sue the one who is the victim, which pissed me off.
Back to my nephew had to talk to him and ask him about what happened. I also don't want him to be in trouble but I want him to be open to my SIL or his Uncle because I am very far and I knew if I am close he will tell me about what happened. My heart aches thinking about it, I feel like biting somebody's kid lol!!


Calleigh said…
Ka-isog diay nimo manang Kim.. hahaha.. mayo sad ka hadlok nimo moliwat.

It's so true that we have a different scenario here in US. You can be sued even though you were the unfortunate person who suffers and you just defend yourself and fight back.

On the lighter side, talking to your nephew is a good idea, in order the guilty party will be reprimanded and won't succeed on doing it to others.
Reader Wil said…
Hi Kim ! This week Arkansas Patti wrote about a little boy who was bullied by a bigger boy at school. She taught the little one some judo and the big bully was surprised to find himself on the floor by the attack of the small one. It's a great story!

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