My AG graduate!!

Wow what a milestone hehehehe for AG to graduate from Kindergarten hehehehe. Watching my nieces and nephew graduated one by one from Kindergarten, and soon this opening of classes this June 2011 they will be in grade school (grade 5, 3 and 1), I can't help but smile. It's been like just yesterday when they are not in school. That wherever I go they all like to tag along. I knew sooner or later they will have their friends of their own. They have some activities of their own and they don't even want to come with us lol!! But I don't want that to happen yet I want to think of them as my babies.
AG or Angel Grace is the youngest daughter of my sister. My sister is not a very good mother to them. She is the kind of person who is more of herself than to her children. It came in time when me and my brother took away all her kids from her and she can't do anything about it because we have a reasoned that she can't do against it.  
AG is Angel Grace and I am the one who picked that name because she is an angel and a grace from God. To think it now, as hubby and I talked about it, our life and my brother and his wife would be so BORING if our nieces and nephew were not here with us or if they are not born! The thing that we are thankful is that my sister never choose abortion even if she struggled a lot she choose life. Anyway, yup our life would be boring because me and my brother are childless ^_^. So our enjoyment to see them clothe, have a good education, feed them well, give them comfort, and disciplining them makes me also feel like parents. 
Looking at her picture that my brother took at her graduation day make me a proud Mama^_^. If I was there I could be a stage mother too lol! I was happy she got a medal and more so she is going to be Grade 1 this June. And her little cute smile reminded me when I visited her at the hospital and she was inside the incubator. I can't forget that moment when the nurse told us that we have to pray for her. That time I wanted to cry I don't want to loss a niece we already loss a nephew. So I went to the incubator and talk to her that she is going to survive...and she did SMILE!! That smile is inprinted in my mind forever that is why when I see her smile it always reminds me of that day. I so so love you Angel Grace!!                From: Mama Kim


emmanuelmateo said…
congratulations ate kim..
Kahit anong mangyari, support your child and love them as their mother.

ano pong handa?hehe
IMRIZ said…
congratz to the niece manang kim. every child is a jewel. ur nephew(s), niece(s) were blessed because they have a loving aunt.
Ann said…
Nadine was based on a real person. That was my first venture into writing five years ago.
I posted the rest of the story in my
This was the reason why I started blogging. It was to showcase my writing.
Of course, at that time, I didn't know any of you, so my writings were not read.
Thank you all for reading and commenting.
Ann said…
In Singapore, they have the same graduation concrete. During my second daughter's , she was chosen to speak. I was "My pride and joy"

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