My three musketeers

My three musketeers. My brother shared me this on FB and took it and put it in here. I called them the other night and every time I hear their voice, immediately I thought of flying going to the Philippines lol! I have not seen them almost two years now and my last visit to the Philippines was last 2009 and with that two years they grow fast. My kuya Gino is getting bigger I even teased him not to over eat he already has a big tummy, lol! He said he likes to eat, oh well he is getting there next few years he will be a teen-ager. I and my brother will just laugh thinking that sooner or later his household is full of teenagers!! I really love to hear their stories, it's what I missed because they only pass this stage once and I like to know what's going on. My brother told me a story the other night that Kuya Gino already had a crush, a girl from her class. I think he shared it to his two sisters, the two sisters tell it to their Mamay (my brother's wife) my SIL say something that it should not be heard by the girls. The youngest one AG, went to the crush of their Kuya and tell her "my Mamay don't like you", my gulay hehehe. I knew it's a kid thing but you knew how sisters are you became a wicked witch to whom your brother has a crush on. My SIL found out and reprimand them not to do it again and she was sorry about it lol! Anyway, it turned out that the girl's mother is my SIL's friend lol!! 
I can only imagine how my brothers household turn out when this 3 will be in their teens! My brother already told me that to those boys who want to court my girls will come to the house and watch me clean my gun, LOL!!! In the Philippines, it's a common knowledge that if you court a girl you have to pass the scrutiny from the brothers, cousin, uncles, grandfather, and most of all the father. Can't wait for that time ^_^


emmanuelmateo said…
ang cute ng mga bata lalo sa bunso mo ate hehe
Ann said…

your bro is so funny.

Tell him, when they are old, he will worry aboput them being old maids.
Anonymous said…
what a lovely welcome when clicking on this blog. simply gorgeous!

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