Watery Wednesday-Reclaimed area

My brother sent this picture to me last week. I didn't knew that our city government  has reclaimed an area and made it like a huge land. I knew that this area is part of the Panguil Bay and I don't know if it is good or not. It's a long stretched of land and it would take tons of stones, rocks and soil to fill it but as I see it, it looks like it almost done. But I have this thought of, what if it will sink one day?? Anyway, my brother told me that these land will be sold soon and also when there will be buildings in this area the squatters area will be covered. Well, we can't cover what the reality. Poverty, squatter area is common sight in the Philippines why a city government wants to cover it? It doesn't make sense to me!!

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MarieElizabeth said…
How interesting that they would try to re-claim land like that. It will be a challenge to support it I'm sure. Nice photos!
Regina said…
Beautiful photos!
Its been going around here ...

Have a great day.

Joahna Vern said…
thanks manang kim for dropping by my site.:) I truly appreciate that... and I badly need it in my two new blogs, too.. at http://joahnavern.info and http://twingirl.info .

'hope you follow or visit them, too.

by the way, ur three chikitings are sooo lovely. they all look so happy and we can see it in through their smiles. :)

Happy Wednesday! :)
Squatters area will be covered and eventually, they will have to find another place to live if business investors will turn this area into something beautiful that you can imagine. But who knows, right?
George said…
It's interesting to see the land which is being reclaimed. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your handsome nephews and nieces.
Donnie said…
I don't know about the land but there are 3 cute, sassy kids smiling at me. So cute.
Water on both sides of a strip of land--that would be a cool place to have a little cottage!


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Caballero at the Fountain
emmanuelmateo said…
nice one manang.the are looks clean.
thanks for the comments manang.thanks a lot!!
eden said…
Love the photos. The kids are so cute.
Hootin' Anni said…
Awwwwwwwwwww, such cuties!!! And such sweet, antics for the camera. Don't you just LOVE children?!!! They're a joy in life.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me yesterday. As you know, your comments and your company are always a welcomed treat for me.

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Cute kids :)

I can't comment much here; but I do hope that this big project will bring many benefits...
an engineer said, if got earthquake, the reclaim land will be in trouble.
Anonymous said…
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