Monday, April 25, 2011

Horse riding lessons

Guest post written by Tim Caldwell

Just like me, my son is a really big fan of western movies. Except, unlike me he really wants to learn how to ride a horse. I rode a horse once when I was younger than his age and it was a traumatic experience for me so I'm not wanting to repeat that. But I want that for him, so I told him I would do a little research about it.
I went online to do a little bit of research and find some really good horse lessons in our area. When I was doing that I found the website www.satellitestarinternet.comand looked through it some. It had some good satellite internet packages on there, so I decided to order one of them for our home internet service.
One thing that I was looking for in horse lessons is ones that teach you in the western style like you see in western movies. I knew that's what he wanted, so I'm still working on finding some lessons in that style so that he can live out his cowboy dreams.