I really like to see my brother and my nephew go their bonding together. The other day they went to the mountain where are house help live. His place is in the mountain I even haven't been to that place but my nephew and my brother often go there if they want to buy native chicken or young coconut ^_^. This morning I saw on my brother's FB account that he posted photos. I was excited to see it and I just chuckled and giggled because I see my nephew already very big. Two years ago he was so thin and small now he grow up a big boy hehe. Here are some photos that I like to share.
He didn't ride a horse or a pony? Lol! But him and my brother ride a motorcycle to reached this place. This horse is a good helper to farmers who lived here. Seems like the horse is very tired do you think?
Looks like he likes his trip to the mountain.


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