Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boomerang Lilac

When I came here in the US I vow to myself to plant trees or shrubs or flowers or evergreens every year and I did. Unfortunately my three pear trees didn't make it  but my three peach trees are doing good. Aside from it my three evergreens are already tall and many of the flowers that I planted are already giving beautiful blossoms. This year I choose to plant boomerang lilac. Lilac usually only blooms in Spring and it will take only 2 or three weeks and they are gone. This boomerang lilac will re-bloom in mid-summer until Fall to frost. When I knew it I was interested right away. When our local nursery opened this Spring I went to see it and I did bought one. The price is costly but oh well I love to see it bloom and smell the heavenly scent.

                           My newly planted boomerang lilac. The color is more on pinkish than purple.

                 This is the color of our lilac behind our house. Hubby said his mother planted this many moon ago. This one is purple in color.

                                               I am linking this post to GREEN MONDAY.


emmanuelmateo said...

wow..beautiful ateh..

Mirage said...

Love the colors! They've finished blooming around here.

Maantaj said...

Love the subtle smell of lilacs

Belle said...

Beautiful lilac for Green Monday :-)


Yannie said...

WoW beautiful! your surely enjoy the plants there.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Your lucky you have a green thumb. I can't even make a water plant grow, lol!


Mars @ The Travel Encounters said...

Those are beautiful shots. Don't think I could do the same thing as you did here. :) That's a great vow to yourself by the way. ;)

Visiting from Green Monday. Here's mine, hope you can visit it: CXG Airsoft Game Site

January said...

Nice one ate Kim!

Visiting from Green Monday
Hope you can come and visit my GMs: Back in the Game, White Hibiscus, Calendar to Mini Box and My Best Trophy. Thanks!

Laikka said...

oy wow..good jog manang Kim:)

my green is up..followed here also:) se yah

LV said...

That is such a lovely bloom in the shade of lavender.

Sarah said...

Very pretty.

Wena said...

hi visiting from Green Monday...
that's one of the good things in the US 'no? the cool weather makes flowers bloom beautifully. It's quite hard to grow flowers here in the Phils. if you're not living in cool places like Tagaytay and Bagiuo.

Ann said...

Loved the liliac when I was in canada after the long winter.

You ever cross the Ambassador bridge to Windsor Canada?

darly said...

that's the beauty of having 4 seasons, you get to enjoy different plants, specially in spring. Wish we have that here in the sunny and sandy UAE

Enjoy the rest of the week, Here's my green entry for the week, hope you check it out too.
Food and Passion
I Love Darly!

Anonymous said...

beautiful lilac.. love it!!! : )

milrose said...

beautiful lilac.. love it!!! : )

melandria said...

wow, lovely flower, i think we have something like that here but i don't know the name.

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