It's the time of the year...

Spring has sprung and everybody is excited to see beautiful flowers, the green grass, the trees and most of all the favorite of all ages swimming pool!!

I was at my friends house the other day and they had this huge swimming pool. I asked her how is their swimming pool and she said her and her husband had to clean it up after Winter. That is also what my step-daughter had told me when we were at her house last Sunday. I thought that you don't have to clean it up after Winter but they told me that they have to. Then I asked her  if it's easy to get Pool supplies to clean up the swimming pool and my friend told me that now it's easy because they can only order it online and it's free shipping! That was so cool!! So I asked her to show me what they have purchased and she showed me their Winter Pool covers which still covering their whole in ground swimming pool.  It was really neat to see that the whole in ground swimming pool is covered from our long Winter. This Winter here in Michigan our Winter was rough and we also have so much rain.
When I went home that day I called my step-daughter about my friend's Pool supplies and where she got it. And she told me it was really a good timing I called because she and her husband where talking about buying Pool floor padding and Pool covers for their grandkids. Since this year all their grandkids will be visiting them from Texas and of course we all want for the kids to be safe. For me I can't wait to plunge in and just enjoy the Summer!! 


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