Perfect credit score

When I first came here in the US I don't know what is a credit score. Then my hubby figure it out  for me and at  first I really don't like to use credit cards because I am used to buy things in cash. Then the next year I remember it was January hubby went to a website and took his credit score and he showed it to me. His credit score was almost perfect that's why he said that we have to build it nicely so we could have a perfect credit score.
Then the economy came down and we became conservative in what to buy. But if we buy something we are so careful to pay it on time if we used are credit cards. Then hubby decided to buy a house when he discovered that there are so many houses out there that are in his price range which before we can't afford to buy, lol!! So we opted to loan to a bank as to finance us what was the amount that is left after we have our down payment paid. Then hubby also look for a good rate. What good thing that happened is that when they checked our credit scores we are doing good. That's when we were approved with the loan with of course a good rate to go with it. As we looked back of what we've done there is always a reward if we maintain a perfect credit score. And to look at our finances and be responsible to what we do because at the end we get the best prize.


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