Deer loves green

Imagine if we don't have green around us. Like grasses, trees, and evergreens do we survive? Like the deer they love green because it's food for them. After a long hiatus of Winter and everything is covered with white we from the Northern part of the US can't get ourselves to see the lushness of trees and grasses and plants to be back in their foliage. See how the deer love green....too!!

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Míriam Luiza said…
É verdade. Precisamos da exuberância da natureza para semos mais felizes!
Yup! they do love it,indeed!!!
Carolyn said…
I like the second's so nice to see the deer eating the leaves:-) MY GREEN MONDAY HERE
Jade said…
I have never seen a dear before...the must be majestic in real life.
Vhen said…
love the second photo too... cuteness ;)

hope you can visit back :)
Laikka said…
hahhaha..talagang green ang soriundings ni deer:)

mine is up:)
travelholic said…
Wow! I love these shots as much as those deer love the green! :) I have yet to see deer coming out from the woods here at our end.

I have several GREEN SCENES which I've captured while in motion. I hope you can visit me at my page! :)
imriz said…
God's creation is truly a blessing. wonderful gift.
melandria said…
ooh, beautiful pics you have here. Thanks for joining. Continue your Green Living Ideas

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