Have you been decline?

As we all know people carried credit or debit cards rather than cash now a days. For me it's easy to carry and you don't have to worry about the safety of yourself and your cash. Cash is easy to be stolen but the cards...well many got stolen too but if you are aware of the time that your card is stolen you could immediately phone your credit card and they can immediately stop the transaction if there is any.
With millions of people using credit cards all over the world have you ever wonder how they do process each and every customers card? I had that thought before and one time I went to this favorite store of mine who sells gourmet food and I ask the owner how they gonna claim the payment since almost every one uses credit cards and from different credit card company. So he told me that if you are a business owner no matter how small or big you are you gonna have to have a merchant accounts. Because by that any transactions you made to the clients is much more better.
I remember one time I was in this store and I only have one credit card. I fall in line to pay the stuff that I pick and when it's about time for me to pay I handed my credit card and the cashier said "we don't accept that card"!! Geezzzz....I was flabbergasted, in my mind are you kidding me?? This store is big and they don't accept this card , what's going on here?? I don't have any option but to leave the stuff and went to another store. The effect on me is that I don't like to go to that store ever!!
As I was talking to this friend of mine who owned a store. He told me that it is necessary for a business owner to look for a cheaper transaction rates and of course best credit card processing. Because he says, even if we are in this high tech generation their are still companies who are too slow in their transactions and some has a staggering rates that a business owner like him can't cope up. Knowing all that the question in my mind that was lurking for several months was answered. I said to myself so that is how they do in dealing with credit cards. Kind of easy but also tricky!!


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