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I don't get sick more often.  I am not like my husband that when the season change he will start sneezing because he is allergic to dust, pollens etc. But I have one season that I have to be careful...the Winter. You see I came from a tropical country where we only knew sunshine and rain. When I get here in Michigan my body adjusted so much of the weather specially Winter. But I was not sick I just have to put on enough comfortable clothing and I am okey. It was Christmas time and hubby and I went to do shopping when we get home I felt tingling sensation on my throat and because of that I have to cough. That started my cough and cold and I was basically down the whole Christmas season. And that happened when I do shopping in Winter. I don't know why but I guess because many people are in the mall with different viruses lurking around. 

Last December, we were at the mall to shopped and I even didn't go to another store but when we come home I then felt the tingling sensation and yes I did have a cough and cold immediately. At first, I didn't took any medicine I started to drink lots of fluids but then when night came I can't sleep I cough and cough that it also bothered my hubby. The next day I asked hubby to ran to Walgreens store but before he went there he checked first if they have a night time medicine for cough and cold and he check in this website Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products. and they had it so off he go. In the morning I am fine I don't have to cough a lot but at night time the "attack" came and every cough I even peed, geez!! I am so thankful that hubby bought the Night Wal-Flu for sever cough and cold, oh yes I consider my cough as severe I had to wear something for the pee, lol!! And because I took Wal-Flu right away I enjoyed the holiday and the bonus is that the price is right.  I couldn't believe how cheap it is compare to other products and for me it is proven that it works! And  if i find products that work with me I always recommend it to friends and family. And last Winter I knew many people who are sick and I didn't hesitate to tell them about my story and what I took. 

We've been a customer of Walgreens for quite sometime now and only this later part of year that I knew that every purchase of Walgreens brand health and wellness product supports bringing preventive wellness services to local communities through Walgreens Way to Well Fund™ how cool is that!! It made me think that if they think of us, we as a customer has to be loyal to them for it comes back to us too, right?

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