I was at my SIL's neighborhood and found Alpaca's in her across the neighbor barn. I get out from the car and started to walked towards the field. Lucky me the field is fence with wood because when the Alpaca's saw me they started to walked towards me too. At first it was cute but when I they were getting close to me it started a bit scary. But I started to take photos anyway, and the Alpacas only looked at me and just stared at me, lol!
                                                               Camera Critters


EG Wow said…
Looks like they are begging you to take their photos. :)
Dina said…
The alpacas are pretty. So glad you went over to take their picture.
Good they did not spit on you; it happened to me once with a llama.
Cheryl said…
That last shot says it all!
Gary said…
Boy are they ever posing!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
They look very curious and cute :)
Nice photos.

Sandy Kessler said…
They love people don't they hee hee
eileeninmd said…
I think they like you! They are cute critters,, great photos KIM!
Joyful said…
I like alpacas. they are so gentle.

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