Tried to figure out what I can come up with letter B


                                                                an old BANK





                                                         BARN  and the BALER (hay)

                                                          Friday My Town Shoot Out


Jama said…
My favorite, got to be that baby. Who could resist such a good looking baby?
Doreen said…
well you did a great job of finding B's! I like the last shot but also like the barrel. I just saw a show on how they make those barrels. I think it was for Jack Daniels whiskey!
Well you did a great Job finding them! Great Pictures!
The barbershop is an interesting building. You sure did find a lot of B-pics.
~JarieLyn~ said…
Fabulous Kim. The baby is adorable and beautiful and I also really like your photo of the brooms and the bell.... well I like the barrel too. Your B's are bountiful.
Ann said…
The baby, she is so cute,
Anonymous said…
That's creative idea to share pictures that starts with B. Beautiful!

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