Got to have this colors

Yesterday was the last day of our Vacation Bible School at church and for our crafting we made candle making. It was fun the kids love the colors and so am I. And also now I knew how to make candles and it's just so easy I am going to make more candles for gift and who knows it would be a start of a business thing, right?

This was taken all yesterday. Friends of mine went for strawberry picking and I took some photos of what they got from the farm.
                                            I am linking this to Straight out of the camera
                                                               FIRST OF THE MONTH
                                                               COLOR CARNIVAL
                                                               COLOR CONNECTION


pip said…
pretty colours :)
Adin B said…
Good luck on making lots of candles! :) Those strawberries look sweet and juicy. Hmmmmm... I love strawberries!

Adin B
Love, love, love the paint.
Linda Makiej said…
Really wonderful straight out of the camera shots!! :)
Jama said…
They are so colorful, perfect for CC!
msdewberry said…
The strawberries look yummy!! Such a good summer fruit!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!
Jan said…
These are both great photos. Love the candle making one.
Ms. Burrito said…
Wow, we haven't had our BVS yet. Love those strawberries.

Thanks for joining.
I love the first one! Great shot! :) LG Tina
Leovi said…
Beautiful colors, interesting texture. Beautiful photos.
Teresa said…
I just love all those beautiful colors!
Such a cheerful capture.
imriz said…
i attended candle making sessions in our local munisipyo here...kasi i love candles of all sorts...kaso ang hirap naman humanap ng materials, sa manila pa bibili. buti jan sa inyo madali hanapin ang materials needed.
good luck...send me some hehe
Anonymous said…
Those paints are so... pearl-ey. The shine makes them look like weird pudding! Second strawberry pic! I keep drooling over them.
Mika said…
2 of the things I love, painting and strawberries :)
The strawberries look great. They are so luscious looking. I'm sure they are so sweet. I love strawberries either as fresh fruit or as ice cream. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
cheerful said…
candle making is really interesting, love to learn it too! those strawberries looks really great and delicious! lovely shots! visiting late from CC. have a great weekend! :)

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