A hearty smile

These are my nephew and nieces. But I loved them like my own. And these smiles can make my heart melt and bring tears on my eyes. I missed them very much. Been two years that I haven't visited Philippines and as I see in these pictures they've grown up fast like weeds? ^_^  I jokingly told my brother that soon his household is full of 3 teenagers, whewww what a riot could it be huh? Hahaha!  So much as I like to enjoy them as they are like this age but I can't I am too far away and what makes me happy is to hear their voice and see them in photos. 


Ann said…
the boy's smile is so natural
Anonymous said…
Sure who wont love such children and there smiles that take away all our strains and trouble. Hope get chance to meet them all soon. Thanks for sharing Kim :)

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