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My nieces and nephew Dad weren't around since they were born. He was there for a short time but not all the time until he was gone. Now it's my brother who stand as a father to them and thankfully my brother is doing good at it. Here is an article that I read lately:
FAMILIES, LISTEN UP. According to a recent report published in the Journal Acta Paedriatica titled "Father's Involvement and Children's Developmental Outcomes: A Systematic Review of Longitudinal Studies," a dad's active involvement in raising his children will have a positive impact on them. The authors Anna Sarkadi, Robert Kristiansson, Frank Oberklaid and Sven Bremberg based their statement from reviewing the conclusions of 24 studies regarding the family.
The authors concluded that active fatherhood not only reduced the  frequency of behavioral problems in boys and psychological problems in young women; it also had a positive effect on the children's cognitive development. A father's involvement also decreased delinquency and economic disadvantage in low-income families.
The authors commented, "There is evidence to indicate that father engagement positively affects the social, behavioral, psychological and cognitive outcomes of children, " They added however, "Unfortunately, current institutional policies in most contries do not support the increase involvement of fathers in child rearing." source:EWTN

I grew up not having my father with us because he is out working. He was a sales rep and with that kind of work he was not around all the time. I myself understand it as an eldest of the family my mother talked to me all the time. But I also wished that my father is with us all the time I guess it's the feeling of being there makes you happy. And so this research has some truth to it too. But I also imagine if you have a father who is at the house all the time and drunk what kind of impact it brings to any kids too. So for me life is mysterious, life is wonderful but also hard. 


It must be difficult for a child to 'not have a father' growing up. yep, the 'feeling' of him being around would make you happy to be sure. PS...I also like the post below..."kids want to have fun".

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