Tracfone is the answer!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Since I arrived here in the US , hubby bought me this very beautiful cell phone and I was put in his same phone provider. For years, we are in phone contract and later I found out that there are some charges that is going to shocked you. Because, my family is in the Philippines, international calling is one of my reason why I had a cell phone in the first place. I didn't know that when you used the international service you have to talked to somebody and then they are going to put you on a long distance plan. As I said I didn't know that so I just dialed the number and talked to my family. When the bill came the surprised of my life came too because we had  to pay more than $200.  With that experienced I then begun to looked for more options. We were in this phone company for years but it looks like they don't gave us a better customer deal. I'd feel we are being sucked! So I talked to my step-daughter and right away she told me that for months now her and her husband are using Tracfone and she even bought it at one of the supermarket here in our place. When I looked at the internet and watched and heard what  the real Tracfone customers are saying and I  was amazed! I told myself why do we have to pay much when we can use a phone service that is affordable, no phone contracts, no surprise bills and no cancelation fees!! I was relieve knowing that this phone service is not a phony because many people are using it. As per advice of my step daughter to watched it at You tube, here are the real TracFone customers  review and another real TracFone customers  review for reliability and no surprise bill I was amazed.  This morning I told hubby that we are going to do some phone shopping tomorrow. I can't  stand another day thinking about what happened to us  while many people are enjoying the same privilege that we had before but they pay less than what we pay now! With the economy that we have we are all entitled to get a little luxury but not to pay much and Tracfone is the answer! ^_^

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