Barn Charm

I have not forgotten this meme but the fact is I don't have any more barn photos wahhhhh. The one that I could really share here and not a drive by shooting kind of thing lol! But couldn't help I have to do the drive by shooting or else you all gonna forget me! ^_^

                                   To see more barns all over the USA visit BARN CHARM


Mari said…
Most of my barns are from drive by shootings!
I like this one - very unusual!
EG Wow said…
What a pretty barn with those two gab;es on the side!
Tanya said…
interesting roof! mine is a drive by too!
Anonymous said…
WoW! That's a big one & what a unique style... don't guess I've ever seen a barn built like that, but it's a cool one, for sure! =)
Jill Wellington said…
I love the color of that barn in the second photo. I wish I could find some green barns.

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