He is getting big!

This year my nephew turn 12 and I am amazed how the also turn to be a big boy!! I remember when I visited the Philippines two years ago he is very small and thin. Though he eat good food but he is also very active and he has asthma. For several years when he is attacked my asthma we nebulize him. That is why before he had one opportunity to play basketball for the city little league was not able to do so because of his asthma. I am thankful that this year, as my brother told me that his asthma is gone! And that I won't get worried if he is going to play basketball again. Well I am always worried I only have one nephew and I consider him as my son too. Look at the difference of the photos.


Anonymous said…
Good to know his asthma has gone! Hope he become a big basketball player soon, with your wishes :)
Muhammad-Dadan said…
I think you are a nice aunt. Your nephew is so lucky. He looks like so handsome. Nice to come here. Would you like to come to my blog. :)

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