Photo Hunt:Painted

                    This are baby jars that kids in our church painted for their candle making project.

             I was in a parish school last few months ago and when I found my room I was amazed in what was painted on there wall. Here it shows Moses with the stone which The 10 Commandments were written. Then on the other side is the story of Jonah...remember Jonah the man who was swallowed by the whale and stayed inside the tummy for 3 days? ^_^ And that's not all there are still so many stories in the bible that they painted on every classroom. I like my classroom at church to have this kind of painting for sure the kids would love to see it all the time.
                                                   I am linking this to PHOTO HUNT


YTSL said…
Very interesting photos! :)
Liz said…
I like your take on painted. I used to make candles but have not done it in a long time.

Thanks for visiting. Have a fabulous weekend.

Liz @ MLC
magiceye said…
very beautiful!
jams o donnell said…
A delightful take on the theme. Have a great weekend
gengen said…
That is a good choice for the theme. Happy hunting and weekend.
Carver said…
Great idea for the painted theme.
We never had walls like that when I was in school. They where dull and boring.

Coffee is on.
annie said…
I like both of these. The candle jars are very nice!
EastCoastLife said…
cute painted jars. The kids had fun. :)
Lucka said…
Gorgeous painting. Have a great day!
Ann said…
We are not allowd to teach religion in our school, but last week, I sneaked in Jonah and the whale, we we talked about our biggest rugby hero Jonah Lomu. These kids are Tongan, and they go to church.

I will show them your painting when I see them next.

You can't imagine, I use blogs such a lot to show these kids.

One picutre is worhted 1000 words.

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