The Toy

I had a good time taking macro shots with this toy. This is just two inches and so tiny.
 I am happy of the result nothing was edited. Hubby was laughing when he saw
the photos. He says it's awesome  I said the photos or the toy? 
He answered right, the photos!! ^_^

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Tammy said…
Hubby is right, it's awesome :) Only 2 inches, wow, you got some great macros. I love the green and gold (the gold really pops). Thanks for sharing these on behind the camera today.
Evelyn S. said…
What a great subject for macro! Love the design and the colors!
Kaya said…
Wow!!! That is true that these photos are awesome and beautiful and wonderful. And these trains are so tiny.

These are such great macros!!! Love them very much.
Debbie said…
awesome photo's, great colors and angles.

i thinks our husbands are well trained and super supportive!!!
lisa said…
These are wonderful shots Kim!
Isn't it amazing how even the simplest things can really become quite incredible when viewed through the lens of a camera?

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!

ShonEjai said…
Excellent! Well done! I have tried a few time to photograph a toy car...your photos came out much better than mine.

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