Jacket For Hubby

Is your hubby very meticulous in terms of buying his jacket? We were at the store yesterday, I was busy looking all the winter jackets on the racks, and I noticed my husband just did not move a finger. I was already sweating and he just did not do anything. I asked him if he is interested in the jackets that I gave him to choose and fit but he says he do not like all of them. I was surprised he is very meticulous it is my first time to come with him in shopping his winter clothing I am excited to choose a jacket for him but he does not like what I choose for him and I am exhausted already. So I asked him what we are going to do since all my effort are useless he told me he likes Burton jackets that I bought last year the one that his son was also using when they were snowboarding. I remember it too well that he likes Burton snowboard jackets because he showed it to his relatives and friends how it can keep you warm even if it is bitterly cold. 
What happened to the jacket is that he gave it to his friend who does not have anything last winter. I told him that I am going to look it online and order it for him then I see his face light up. Oh well sometimes you have to treat your husband like a kid too.


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